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1 Review the Program
After you've read all of the material thoroughly, contact us with any questions you may have. Call our toll free number 888-384-SAFE and ask for our Director of Franchise Development or email us.
2 Complete and Submit Your Franchise Application
To receive your confidential Franchise Application form, call us toll free at 888-384-SAFE or via email. A postage-paid envelope will be enclosed for your convenience. Returning your franchise application does not obligate you in any way, however, it does indicate your level of interest in our program and allows us to review your qualifications.
3 Visit Our Franchise Sales Office
After we've reviewed your qualifications, we'll call you to address any questions you may have. We also can arrange for you to visit the Safe & Sound facilities. This visit will give you an opportunity to meet the key people who will be providing training and support.
4 Review Our Uniform Franchise Offering Circular
Prior to, or during, your visit to our franchise sales office, we'll provide you with our Disclosure Document and Franchise agreement. We'll give you the opportunity to review these documents and have any and all of your questions answered.
5 Sign the Franchise Agreement
The final step is to sign the Franchise Agreement and pay your initial franchise fee.

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