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Baby Shower Games
Need a little jump start for your baby shower. Here are some great games to get your guests comfortable having fun.

Baby Shower Words Scramble

Choose about 10 words tha are related to babies, scramble up the letters.
And write them all in one column with a blank column adjacent to the scrambled words. Make as many copies as there are guests. Place a time limit of 5 minutes for everyone to try to unscramble the words. You can offer a prize to person that unscrambled the most words. Below are some examples:

tolbet bottle
ybba teag baby gates
smbiole mobiles
preesbidganef breastfeeding
yabb gnisw baby swing
raragice carriage
peidar diaper
kirgonc hicar rocking chair
akeblnt blanket
sitbenas bassinet
rynncpeag pregnancy
rupb burp
raprengdtasn grandparents
tspi pu spit up
webnonr newborn
searance cesarean
tesa rca car seats
irnbhgit moro birthing room
declra cradle
ndtaieciarip pediatrician
Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Guess a "round"

Pass around a ball of string and a pair of scissors.  Each guests cuts off a piece of string in the length she guesses will fit around the expectant mom's waist.  Guests may NOT put the string around themselves or each other to make their guess.  When everyone is finished, Mommy tries on each string.  Person with the closest length of string wins!

Baby Photo Game

Collect a baby photos from each guest as well as one of the mother. Display them on a table and have the guests try and pick which photo is the mother when she was a baby.

Dirty Diapers

Fold napkins or cloths into little diaper shapes and close with small diaper pins.   Hand one out to each guest when she/he arrives.  At the end of the party, each guest opens up their diaper and the one with the brown "poop" spot wins a prize.   (Melted chocolate or mud makes a nice substitute for real poop.)

Baby Pins in Rice

Put a dozen plain safety pins of different sizes into a large bowl filled with rice.   Blindfold a player and give him or her sixty (60) seconds to pull out as many pins a possible.  The one who pulls out the most pins during this time limit win.   This game is harder than you think!

Baby Bottle Game 1

Fill a baby bottle with little jelly beans (or other small candy, small pins or cotton balls). Ask everyone to guess how many jelly beans are in the baby bottle. 

Baby Bottle Game 2

Another fun game to play at baby showers is to fill two baby bottles with about two ounces of some sort of juice. Give out numbers as each guest comes in the door. Later draw numbers and the two chosen will drink from the bottles. Who ever finishes first is the winner. This game is lots if fun. Adults don't realize how hard it is to get juice through the nipple of the bottle.


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