Baby safety gates to fit your needs from Safe and Sound

Baby safety gates provide parents piece of mind. Children are curious by nature and will wander into areas that can cause serious injury without the proper safeguarding of your home. Safe and Sound baby safety gates can be installed at the top of a staircase, used for room barriers, window barriers and bottom of the stairs protection. Baby safety gates will protect your children from dangerous stairways, basement access, as well as other areas in your home. Finding the proper baby safety gates for your application is half the battle.


Kidco Safeway Gate

Hardware mounted metal gate spans from 24 3/4 - 43 1/2". Add extensions for a maximum width of 66".


Kidco Beechwood Gate

Hardware mounted wooden gate spans from 26 - 42 3/4". Add extensions for a maximum width of 60".

Secure Solutions

Secure Solutions Swing Gate

Hardware mounted wooden gate spans from 27 - 42".


Kidco Elongate

Hardware mounted metal gate spans from 45 - 60". Add extensions for a maximum width of 156".


Home Decor Swing Gate

Hardware mounted wooden gate spans from 31 - 51".


Kidco Hearth Gate

Hardware mounted metal gate spans from 24 - 120". Add extensions for a maximum width of 288".



Hardware mounted retractable gate spans from 6 - 51".


Kidco Configure Gate

Hardware mounted metal gate spans from 24 - 72". Add extensions for a maximum width of 288".


At Safe and Sound, we have a wide selection of child barriers to fit your needs. Are you like many others who need barriers, but don't have the space to swing it? Now, the KiddyGuard is retractable. It expands from 6" - 51" - virtually eliminating any obstructions.

Child proof your home with the help of our room by room guide or browse our product departments by specific category. We've taken the guesswork out of shopping by combining our expert advice with top quality products. Remember if you need help, we're only a click away.

Child accident statistics indicate need for child proofing

Home accident statistics are alarming. Over 40,000 children every day are seriously injured enough to require medical treatment. Child proofing dangerous areas in the home could prevent many of these accidents from happening to your child.

Child proofing dangerous areas of your home

The best method to keep your child secure is remove the hazards. Child proofing cabinets and drawers by installing our drawer and cabinet locks and latches and keep dangerous items out of harm's way.

Safe and Sound takes the guesswork out of child proofing by combining expert advice with top quality products. Safe and Sound's online store sells a wide variety of child proofing equipment, seniors' living aids and home protection items. Browse our selection of child proofing products including locks and latches, windows guards and electrical covers. Be prepared for emergencies with our smoke alarms and home security products. When it comes to protecting your home and family, Safe and Sound is the only place to be.

Safe and Sound started in 1992 with a mission to utilize our extensive experience and expertise spanning 30 years in the child proofing industry, and provide families effective and complete solutions for their home child proofing issues and concerns. Whether it's locking cabinets for your little ones, or walking aids for our elders, our online store will provide you with the quality and expertise you would expect from a leader in the industry.

Headquartered in Norristown, Pennsylvania, Safe and Sound has been providing child proofing products, solutions, advice and information for customers throughout the United States. We have continually been recognized for our commitment to service - one of the company's founding and guiding principles. Today, we serve our customers through our Web site and service locations located throughout the United States and Mexico. No problem is too big or too complicated to solve. Contact our technical support staff to get the answers you need.

Discover Peace of Mind with Safe and Sound.

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