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Tot-Lok Magnetic Lock

Tot lock is simply the finest cabinet lock available.


If you want safe cabinets without clunky hardware marring up your kitchen cabinets, or pinched fingers for your little ones: look no further!

Our Tot-Lok magnetic lock system is the easiest, safest and most versatile cabinet lock system available. It installs quickly and easily with detailed instructions, and has more than enough strength to keep your toddler or your teenager from opening that cabinet.

With our patented template, installation is a snap. The Tot-lok Maglock's real bonus features include:

  • No unsightly hardware to damage cabinet exteriors
  • Only the tot lock Maglock power magnet can open doors and drawers...standard household magnets won't do it!
  • Unlike cheap plastic locks, Our magnetic lock system forms a tight seal that won't yield to inquisitive fingers, or pinch little hands.
  • A special disengage feature lets you deactivate the lock when children are not present..perfect for grandparents with visiting grandchildren!

Keys sold separate from the locks. A Baby Proofer Tip: Always have an extra key or two stuck up on top of the fridge, for when the first one accidentally disappears!
You can find your keys Here!.

SKU: 1031210AL
Product Application:   Our tot lock magnetic lock system is so versatile, its great for installation in kitchen cabinets, night stands and furniture, bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, cutlery drawers, liquor cabinets, tool and gun cabinets.To open cabinet door or drawer, simply position the magnetic key on the door or drawer exterior, over the area where the lock is installed, and lock will release its hold automatically. When the key is removed, the lock snaps back into the locked position.
Expert Advice: For precise installation every time, we recommend our magnetic lock installation kit, which includes special drill bits and stops, as well as installations tips and tricks.
Tools Required:   Drill, drill bits, measuring tape, Safe & Sound tot locks MagLock installation kit

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